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May 2003

Welcome to the 6th
www.uk-2-usa.com monthly newsletter.

This newsletter will update you with any recent USA travel information I have come across and uk-2-usa.com web site changes that have occurred in the last month. All feedback is gratefully received about style or content. Many thanks for the comments received from the last newsletter, I have taken note of those comments in this one. This newsletter will be available via e-mail, on the web site or via the associated online uk-2-usa travel discussion group


Current deals

Amtrak offerRegular readers have probably realised that I am on the mailing list for Amtrak. I will pass on details of any deals like this one every month. Right now, you can save 25% on Amtrak travel when you buy your tickets online at
www.amtrak.com! Purchase your tickets now through June 15th for travel from May 6 through December 18, 2003. Use promotion code H315 when prompted by the reservations system. Some restrictions apply

British Airways and Air France have announced that Concorde will be retired.

If you always wanted to fly on Concorde and are willing to splash out to take what could well be your last chance, North America Travel Service have the following offer :- Fly outbound in World Traveller and return on Concorde with 3 Nights at the Metropolitan Hotel New York From only 2999 Per person based on 2 sharing and airport tax of 69 per person. Valid for travel 10 April 2003-6 September 2003 and must be booked by 30 June 2003. Upgrades are available on Flights and accommodation.

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USA travel news

Cypress Gardens Closes
After 67 years of operation a decline in visitors resulted in Cypress Gardens closing its doors. The once popular Florida attraction was one of the state's first theme parks and attained fame as the site of several Ester Williams movies during the 30s and 40s.

New York goes smoking free
The biggest change in recent months is that smoking is banned in all interior spaces in New York City. Bars, restaurants, and other public places are now all smoke free.

Airline and airtravel update
United Airlines and American Airlines both posted over a billion dollars losses for the first quarter of the years trading. Read
more here.

However, with the war in Iraq over, the stock markets clearly believe the worst is over and airline stocks jump 11%, read more by clicking the highlighted link.

American Airlines have narrowly escaped going under so far but have major hurdles ahead. Part of the survival plan is a move to entirely electronic tickets from paper ones and the laying off of 7,000 workers with pay reductions for those who are left.

Severe Acute Respiritory Syndrome is in the news and is having an effect on airtravel. However, this effect is almost entirely on travel to the far east where traffic is over 30% down. There have been 56 cases of SARS reported in America but health officials have announced that SARS is contained in the USA. Nobody has caught the virus in the last 20 days in the USA which indicates it is contained.

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USA flight price survey

New on the website for May is the ability to get online quotes from three of the leading companies for Internet flight booking. The following table shows a comparison between the three companies featured on the site. All prices were obtained from the
search facilities accessed via the website. The quotes are for a return adult fare on 14th June 2003 returning on 21st June 2003 and are inclusive of tax.

The cheapest quote for each route is highlighted in red and this clearly demonstrates that it pays to shop around !

opodo prices
travel4less prices
ebookers prices
London to Orlando 388
American Airlines
United Airlines
London to Denver 387
North West
US Airways
US Airways
London to San Francisco 343
United Airlines
United Airlines
United Airlines
Manchester to Orlando 405
US Airways
Manchester to Denver 445
United Airlines
US Airways
US Airways
Manchester to San Francisco 395
US Airways
US Airways
US Airways
Totals for all 6 flights 2,363 2,393 2,440

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Web site news

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Web site facts and figures

With the war on Iraq being over much quicker than the pundits were predicting after the first few days, it would seem that peoples thoughts are once again turning towards holidays in the USA.

Website visitor numbers shot up in the latter part of April to record the second biggest month ever at 3,400 visitors (the top figure was in January 2003 when 5,700 visits were made).

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Future Newsletters

Please give me your feedback about what you would like to see in future editions of this newsletter. I will develop the format based on feedback from readers. Click
here to send me suggestions for improvements, additions or even things to avoid in future newsletters.

This is written in HTML format to make it more interactive than a simple text message. If this causes problems with your e-mail programme, please let me know by clicking here and including a brief description of the problem. This assumes that you can read this of course !

Well, thats it for the edition number 6. I look forwards to receiving more comments to help me to develop based on your feedback.
Happy USA travelling


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