www.uk-2-usa.com Newsletter 5

April 2003

Welcome to the 5th www.uk-2-usa.com monthly newsletter.

This newsletter will update you with any recent USA travel information I have come across and uk-2-usa.com web site changes that have occurred in the last month. This is a still a fairly new venture and all feedback is gratefully received about style or content. Many thanks for the comments received from the last newsletter. This newsletter will be available via e-mail, on the web site or via the associated online uk-2-usa travel discussion group

As I explained in the last newsletter, this venture was stretching my e-mail system to the limit due to the number of people on the circulation list. To solve this problem I started the Yahoo Group called uk-2-usa-newsletter. This gives me the facility to send the newsletter easily to larger numbers of subscribers. I have transfered my circulation list to this group and you will each have received an e-mail informing you that you have joined this new group. The only implication of your membership of this group is that I will have the ability to send the newsletter to you however big the circulation list becomes. The price to pay for this free service from Yahoo is that each newsletter will start off with an advertisement of Yahoos choice.

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Current deals / USA travel news

North America Travel Services is running a Bellagio Las Vegas Special departure on Sunday November 23rd 2003 with return scheduled flights and 4 nights accommodation at the Bellagio Hotel based on twin occupancy for only 589 per person from Manchester,London and Birmingham (Extra 75per person from Glasgow). Excludes airport tax of 63 per person and Travel Insurance. Click here for details.

Amtrak is running a One Two Free offer at the moment. For a limited time, when one person buys a full fare ticket, a second person pays half price and a third is free. Purchase your tickets by April 30th and travel through August 28, 2003. Use discount code H270 when prompted by the reservations system. Some restrictions apply. Click here for details.

More about the middle east (Iraq) and its effect on the travel industry.

Well the waiting and uncertainty have gone and the war is underway. How will the travel industry and us the customers react ?

This article in the Guardian outlines the impact the war is having on airlines on top of the September 11th downturn and now with the added SARS (pneumonia) problem which is also having a depressing effect on air travel. Passenger numbers are falling.

Air Canada has filed for bankrupcy protection following United Airlines along that route (read this article to learn how United Airlines are cutting wage costs). American Airlines and US Air have only just avoided following suit (read this article about how American Airlines are cutting labour costs). British Airways and KLM the dutch carrier are both shedding thousands of jobs. What does it all mean for us ?

Well the easy answer is that I dont know, but I've read loads of articles and the consensus seems to be that travel to and in the USA will be depressed for the first half of this year but will pick up strongly in the second half. If this indeed does happen then there is likely to be high demand for air tickets but there will be less supply because of the cutting back that the airlines are doing now. Some pundits predict that routes and flights may be cut by 20% eventually. If (and thats a big if) all that comes to pass, then in the second half of the year prices will remain high and there will be few bargains about.

Web site news

The above page was added in response to web site visitors wanting some way of estimating the cost of a fly drive holiday when they have not done one before. It is a popular page since its introduction and I hope it is useful to site visitors

In the last newsletter I made the following offer "I am keen to receive feedback about the quotation service (good or bad) so that I can provide what my site visitors want. To encourage such information from you, I am offering all people who respond to this newsletter a place in a draw to receive a guidebook to the National Parks of the American West. Simply follow the e-mail link below and let me know what you think of the service being offered, and what if anything you would like to see changed or added so that it better meets your needs. I will randomly select the winner from everybody who replies - you dont have to say something nice to enter the draw, just something meaningful ! I will contact the winner via e-mail to arrange delivery of the book."

Graham Brown is the lucky winner. His name was drawn from the 3 who entered. Pretty good odds 1 in three, and hard luck to Ron and Bobbie the other two entrants. Next time I'm so generous, remember that the odds could be very good for you to win !

Web site facts and figures

March saw a drop in web site visitor numbers. I assume this is to do with the depressed state of the idea of travel given world events. I have actually seen visitor numbers drop for a day following an event that attracted big news coverage (e.g. a UN security council meeting) to then climb again for a few days before dropping when the next event hit the news. This last week has seen a steady rise in numbers. Maybe people are starting to look ahead to holidays again ?

Despite the slow down, March still saw the gross number of page views since the site started cross 70,000. Now I know in internet terms that is a small number and some sites can get that in a day. But for me its a massive number given how this all started.

How typical a visitor are you ? The following is the latest profile of visitor flow through the web site.
For every 100 visitors
77% enter via the Front page
The California page has 14% of visitors. 7% enter the site through this page and the other 7% come via the front page.
The Arizona page has 9% of visitors. 2% enter the site through this page and the other 7% come via the front page.
The Florida page receives 9% of visitors. All come via the front page.
13% of all visitors go to the Quote page
The next most popular page is the Nevada page which recieves 6% of the visitors
With the South Dakota page just behind with 5% of the visitors.

Future Newsletters

Please give me your feedback about what you would like to see in future editions of this newsletter. I will develop the format based on feedback from readers. Click here to send me suggestions for improvements, additions or even things to avoid in future newsletters.

This is written in HTML format to make it more interactive than a simple text message. If this causes problems with your e-mail programme, please let me know by clicking here and including a brief description of the problem. This assumes that you can read this of course !

Well, thats it for the edition number 5. I look forwards to receiving more comments to help me to develop based on your feedback.
Happy USA travelling


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