www.uk-2-usa.com Newsletter 3

February 2003

Welcome to the 3rd www.uk-2-usa.com newsletter.

This newsletter will update you with any recent USA travel information I have come across and uk-2-usa.com web site changes that have occurred in the last month. This is a still a new venture and all feedback is gratefully received about style or content. Many thanks for the comments received from the first two newsletters. This newsletter will continue to be produced monthly and will be available via e-mail, on the web site or via the associated online uk-2-usa group

Current deals / USA travel news

Well its the potential for Gulf war 2 that dominates the travel industry at the moment. The US airlines are predicting severe drops in passenger numbers should war break out and are already lobbying for govenrment assitance. Read a news article about this subject here

This certainly does not put me off and I hope to be tavelling to the USA later this year whatever happens in the gulf. In fact I expect that there may well be some excellent deals to be had if volumes of travellers drop off.

Tired of the winter ? Think about trying Phoenix some desert heat to warm away those winter blues. The previous link is a US tourist link. My personal comments on Phoenix can be read here

Fancy travelling on AMTRAK ? If you buy tickets before the 15th February for travel before August 28th, you can buy one and get one free

Web site news

The last item above is the really big news for the web site this month. Over the last year or so I have had a constant stream of e-mails asking for quotes for full holidays or parts of holidays (flights, car hire etc.) even though it is pretty clear that uk-2-usa.com is not a commercial venture. uk-2-usa.com is a forum for me to share my experiences and those of site contributors with others wishing to experience the joy of a holiday in the USA. By making this agreement with North America Travel Service I can now ensure competitive quotes for my web site visitors can be obtained.

North America Travel Services carry my personal endorsement. Many of the holidays I have had that gave me the experiences to write this web site were booked through this company. They have never let me down.

Web site history

To very briefly recap last months story. Having been unable to find the advice I wanted on the internet, I had written a personal home page of the sort I had been looking for and now wanted to give it a wider audience.

I had already founded a yahoo club UK2USA (which has since become the yahoo uk-2-usa groupand had the yahoo ID of uk_2_usa. I decided that I would transfer my fledgling web site to geocities where I could use the yahoo ID as more of a meaningful URL and the web site http://www.geocities.com/uk_2_usa/Flydrive.html was born.

Then I began the year long job of getting the web site onto the search engines so that would be USA travellers could find it. Through many hours of research I discovered how to structure the content of the web site so that search engines would rank it highly and I had a major breakthrough in early 2002 when Google decided to give my site a good ranking for the keywords "USA fly drive".

Google is a key search engine because it powers Yahoo and AOL searches and so traffic volumes took off.

Future Newsletters

Please give me your feedback about what you would like to see in future editions of this newsletter. I will develop the format based on feedback from readers. Click here to send me suggestions for improvements, additions or even things to avoid in future newsletters.

This is written in HTML format to make it more interactive than a simple text message. If this causes problems with your e-mail programme, please let me know by clicking here and including a brief description of the problem. This assumes that you can read this of course !

Well, thats it for the edition number 3. I look forwards to receiving more comments to help me to develop based on your feedback.
Happy USA travelling


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