www.uk-2-usa.com Newsletter 2

January 2003

Welcome to the 2nd www.uk-2-usa.com newsletter. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that the New Year brings you all that you wish for.

This newsletter will update you with any recent USA travel information I have come across and uk-2-usa.com web site changes that have occurred in the last month. This is a still a new venture and all feedback is gratefully received about style or content. Many thanks for the comments received from the first newsletter, I hope the minor changes made in this edition are welcome. This newsletter will be produced monthly and will be available via e-mail, on the web site or via the associated online uk-2-usa group

Current deals / USA travel news

Thinking of seeing bits of the USA others from the UK dont go to ? checkout theWisconsin Dells not to be found in many UK brochures but close to Chicago and so easy to get to. This link lets you look up events in Wisconsin if you are interested, and finally, here is a link to Wisconsin road maps of the area.

Want to escape those winter blues ? Travel to Arizona and visit Tucson for a winter pick me up.

The really big recent USA travel news is that United Airlines have filed for Chapter 11 bankrupcy protection. Here is my understanding of what this means and how it may effect us, the travelling public.

United Airlines like many other airlines have seen a significant drop off in demand for air travel especially since September 11th 2001. In the short term this was good news for air travellers as oversupply of seats led to competition for customers and hence cheaper prices. However, fewer passengers paying less for their tickets resulted in United and others losing money. Uniteds losses are such that if their creditors all called in their loans then the company would go bankrupt and cease trading. Filing for chapter 11 prevents the creditors from doing this for 12 months thus giving United 12 months to restructure the company to stop it making further losses.

What will they do ? Well it does not take a financial genius to work out that United has to reduce its costs and increase its income. This probably means having less flights on relatively unpopular routes and maybe even cancelling some routings altogether. This will lower supply of seats and the cutbacks will have to be deep enough to ensure that demand for the remaining seats is high and hence prices will be high.

With United being the biggest player in the transatlantic arena this will almost certainly mean less choice and higher prices for anybody travelling to the USA this year. All the other airlines will inevitably use this as an opportunity to get their own prices up.

In turn this means to get the best flight deals to the USA this year, we should probably book as early as possible to get slightly cheaper advanced booking prices rather than wait for a late deal as those are likely to be in short supply. You should also only fly to popular destinations rather than off the beaten track, where higher passenger numbers and more airlines competing will mean more competitive prices.
Please note, this is my personal reading of the situation and I cannot guarantee what will happen in the future, I can only predict based on the information listed here.

Web site news

Not many changes to announce on the web site this month as Christmas has consumed my time one way or another.
For the technically minded, the navigation buttons on the main page have been converted from jpeg images to gif images. This reduces significantly the load time of the page.

Web site history

A little background information for those who requested it.

The idea for this site began in 1999 when my family and I were preparing for what had become our annual 3 week holiday to America from the UK. We considered ourselves very experienced travellers to the USA and had decided to try making one of the journey legs via Amtrak.

We set about scouring the internet for information and found many excellent sites full of relevant information about the route and the facillities on the trains. However, we could not find any information about Tucson station (our departure point) or Orlando station (our destination). I could not find out where they were, how to pick up a hire car there, it seemed that nowhere had much train or train station information for the total novice.

I tried every search I could think of and posted information requests on as many vaguely relevant newsgroups as I could. All to no avail. I am sure the information I wanted existed somewhere in cyber space, but I could not find it.

What I needed to do was to pose a question or set of questions to somebody who has 'been there and done that'. How do you get in touch with such a person ? I needed a site like the one that I've now set up. I used this as a spur to learn how to programme in HTML and this is the result. The site went first went live on 30th March 2001 as a personal home page which is still there and has received the massive total of 305 visitors.

The next move was to geocities and getting listed on the search engines, but more of that next month.

Future Newsletters

Please give me your feedback about what you would like to see in future editions of this newsletter. I will develop the format based on feedback from readers. Click here to send me suggestions for improvements, additions or even things to avoid in future newsletters.

This is written in HTML format to make it more interactive than a simple text message. If this causes problems with your e-mail programme, please let me know by clicking here and including a brief description of the problem. This assumes that you can read this of course !

Well, thats it for the edition number 2. I look forwards to receiving more comments to help me to develop based on your feedback.
Happy USA travelling


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