U.K. to U.S.A. Fantasy flydrive

This is a fantasy fly drive that is being created on the message board of the yahoo travel group uk2usa. Follow the growth of the holiday fantasy as it grows on the group pages or on this web site. Enjoy !

part 3 Florida

Day 45 Arrive in Orlando and pick up the limousines to drive us to Disney World. This being a fantasy, we are of course staying in one of the prime spots. We check in to our luxury suites on the Concierge level of the Contemporary resort, with of course a Magic Kingdom view. That evening we watch the fireworks of the Magic Kingdom from our own top floor balconies.

Day 46 Magic Kingdom

Day 47 Epcot

Day 48 Animal Kingdom

Day 49 MGM Flim Studios

Day 50 Our half century of days on the flydrive is up. Spend it chilling out in River Country.

Day 51 Universal Studios

Day 52 Universal Studios Islands of adventure

Day 53 The lovers of this type of thing have now had their batteries recharged, while the other club members who do not like this stuff have had enough. Everybody is ready to move on, off we go. The open topped Mustangs are loaded up and we head east to the Kennedy Space Centre. This being a fantasy the timing is perfect and there is a shuttle launch to watch before we head down the coast to Vero Beach.

Day 54 Chill out on the beach

Day 55 Drive south to the Everglades just inland from Miami

Day 56 Go round the Evergaldes visitor centre. The more bold of us go in a canoe, the rest walk the boardwalks and watch the wildlife. We hire a mini fleet of airboats and the whole club races around.

Day 57 Drive south down the keys to Key West.

Days 58-60 Hang out snorkelling, lazing on the beach.

Day 61 Long drive back north to Naples on the gulf coast.

Day 62 Drive up to St Petersburg. The club gets a little cultured and we visit the Salvador Dali museum.

Days 63-65 Florida is too hot to rush, so we stay a couple of days. The theme park junkies among us go to Busch Gardens at Tampa, the rest laze on the beack and go swimming with wild dolphins.

Day 66 Drive up to Tallahasse More beaches in the panhandle.

Day 67 Drive to Pensecola and see the museum at the Navel Air Station.

Day 68 Drive back to Tallahasse to overnight.

Day 69 Drive on to Daytona beach.

Days 70-72 Top up the suntan and laza away a couple more days after some hectic driving.

Day 73 Down to Orlando to ditch the Mustangs and get airborne again for the next section.

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