U.K. to U.S.A. Fantasy flydrive

This is a fantasy fly drive that is being created on the message board of the yahoo travel group uk2usa. Follow the growth of the holiday fantasy as it grows on the group pages or on this web site. Enjoy !

part 2 Arizona

Day 26 See the Old Tucson film studios where countless westerns were filmed including the High Chapperal.

Day 27 In Tuscon, you are only 60 miles from Mexico, and the city of Nogalas, its well worth the time to look around, so thats what we do today.

Day 28 Drive to Tombstone for the day. You go to Tombstone from Tucson, dropping down south, on Hiway 80, close to the Mexican border is Bisbee, where the bad guys hung out. There is an underground tour of a copper mine, riding the ore cars which we go on. Also we have a walk-about of the old town is great. It is built on hills, like the high school has 3 stories, with each having a street level entrance. Go to Tombstone and see the OK corral, see Boot Hill where many famous old west characters have their final resting place.

Day 29-31 Stay 3 days at Tanque Verde Ranch. Go horse riding every day and live out your cowboy fantasy riding between the magnificent Saguaro.
On one of these days, we head up to Kartchner Caverns in Benson. Solodragon can make reservations for anyone, or if we decide at the last minute, we need to be at the gate at seven in the morning. These caverns are new, Look it up on the web.
On another of the days we have a drive out north to see Biosphere 2

Day 32 Back in the open top Mustangs gang, lets hit the road. From Tucson we go east on I-10 to the 191 turnoff and go north. At Safford we have the choice of going to Globe or going on, on 191 thru the mining town of Morenci , and seeing one of the worlds largest open pit mine. We go to the mine. Then on up the Coronado Trail to Hannagan Meadows. Here it is about 10,000 elev. and pine forest, we stay overnight in log cabins along a stream.

Day 33 Then the next day on to Alpine for breakfast, with a bunch of loggers and trappers. From there to Springerville turning west on 260 and into Solodragons place in Lakeside.

Day 34 The next day on to the Petrified Forest were not a single tree grows. We all respecfully fall silent as we inspect Solo's stonework. From there to I-40 turning north at Chambers on 191 again, up to Ganado a Navajo town. The Hubbell trading post one of the oldest in the country is still trading. Then on up 191 to Chinle to take a trip down into Canyon De Chelly [de-shea] this is a full day.

Day 35 Then on to Mexican waterturning east on 160 going to Four Corners, the only place where 4 states meet. We drive on and overnight in Cortez.

Day 36 Then on to Mesa Verde in Colorado, another full day of climbing in and out of the cliff dwellings of the Anasazi.

Day 37 The next day back to Arizona through Navajo land on 160 to Tuba City. A sidetrip here to see the cliff top homes of the Hopi indians. You will here buy a t-shirt with "DON'T WORRY, BE HOPI" on it. Overnight in Tuba city.

Day 38 - 43 Back on the road and on to the Grand Canyon, If you have time and are healthy every one crams into a few cars and goes to the north rim up 89, the others take as many cars as possible and goes to the South rim to leave them. Then these drivers get into one car and go to the North Rim. Hiking from the North to the South is the real way to see the canyon. Here also one needs resverations. We do it in 4 days as this is about 6 hours of walking a day and then setting up camp. Once through this and having got all the cars again it is south on 89 through Flagstaff then on alt 89 through Sedona the famous Red Rock country.

Day 44 After seeing Sedona, on to Phoenix to fly out for the next leg of our epic fantasy flydrive.

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