U.K. to U.S.A. Fantasy flydrive

This is a fantasy fly drive that is being created on the message board of the yahoo travel group uk2usa. Follow the growth of the holiday fantasy as it grows on the group pages or on this web site. Enjoy !

part 1 Mainly California

This is a dream fly drive with an itinerary that grows every week or so by a few days on the groups message
board. Dream along with us as this holiday of a lifetime grows and grows. Who knows maybe the lottery
numbers will come up and it will become reality for somebody - nice dream.

Day 1 Fly into San Diego. Arrive in late afternoon and go to bed early because you are jet lagged from the journey.

Day 2 Get up bright and early as you still have not got used to the 8 hours time difference. Go to the Zoo

Day 3 See San Diego, go to the beach

Day 4 Day trip to Mexico / Baja California

Day 5 Drive to LA (127 miles) Check in at Disneyland. See old park.

Day 6 See new park

Day 7 See old park

Day 8 See new park

Day 9 See Queen Mary

Day 10 See Universal Studios

Day 11 Drive to San Francisco 425 miles Arrive late.

Day 12 Go on a cable car in San Fran to the bay. Go to Alcatraz. Eat in china town in the evening.

Day 13 Go to pier 39 for a look around and then to pier 57 and eat at Bubba Gump's shrimp place.

Day 14 head out over Golden Gate bridge. Stop once over the bridge in the viewing area and see the most photogenic fog in the world. Drive to the Napa Valley via Sacremento.

Days 15 - 18 are a vague memory of wine tasting good food and good company. Bleary eyed we head back south.

Day 19 Drive from Sacremento to Reno. Take the scenic route by going along the I 50 to placerville and head north up the 49 to the I 80 via Coloma. Drive the I 80 to Reno the biggest little city in the world.

Day 20 See Reno, get a taste for the Casinos to prepare you for Las Vegas later on (much later on)

Day 21 Drive to South Lake Tahoe. Go via Virginia City and spend most of the day in this delightful old mining town complete with wooden boardwalks down the main street and a steam train to ride on. See the building where Mark Twain began his writing career as a newspaper reporter.

Day 22 Spend the day at South Lake Tahoe. Go on a boat trip across the lake on a paddle steamer, drive up the east coast to Ponderosa and spend some time where Bonanza was filmed.

Day 23 Drive south and head to the 395 southbound. Drive down to the Tioga pass entrance of Yosemite National Park near Lake Mono. Drive across the top of the Sierra Nevadas and loop back into Yosemite Valley. Stay in the camp grounds.

Day 24 Drive out through the south entrance of the park and head to Fresno. Cut east on the 180 to Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks. Spend the day in awe of the biggest living things on earth. There is an all invasive calmness about the place. Drive out to Three Rivers to overnight.

Day 25 Drive down to LA, drop the convertibles off and fly out to Tucson Arizona.

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Carry on with the fantasy flydrive

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