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What is a fly drive ?

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A surpising number of people have e-mailed me asking the title question on this page i.e. What is a flydrive ? This question is also often entered into the search engine on the website search page.

Its not as daft as it sounds. If you have only ever been on package tours, there are lots of things you dont know about a fly-drive. This page hopefully will answer some of these questions. Scroll down the page to read all about it.

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At its most basic, a flydrive is where you fly into a place, pick up a car and drive around the area/region staying at different places along the way. You eventually end up at the airport at which you began your drive, drop the car off and fly home. On this general theme, there are many variants. Fly drives are also known as self drive holidays, road trip holidays or multi-centre holidays.

The next most complex fly drive would be where you fly into one airport e.g. Las Vegas, drive around seeing the various sights you wish to see and end up in a different place e.g. Los Angeles where you drop off the car and fly home. Such a flight arrangement is called an 'open jaw' flight. The major stumbling block to such plans is that car hire companies will often charge a significant drop off fee (but not always so its well worth checking) if you drop off the car at a different place from where you picked it up.

You can mix and match both of the above variants with connecting flights inbetween to have a series of mini flydrives linked together. Thus you could fly to say Denver and drive around the rockies. Drop off the car at Denver and fly on to San Francisco. Drive around California before dropping the car off at Los Angeles and flying home.

Having established what a flydrive is, I will explain the various ways you can actually arrange one.
I hope that answers any of your questions about 'what is a fly drive?'

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