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Thermopolis is one of those small towns I have come to really enjoy visiting. We were very lucky with the timing of our visit as it coincided with the 'Gift of the Waters' pagent. This means we saw a parade through the town complete with sweets (candy) being thrown to the kids, and how my kids loved that ! A hundred horse ride set of to ride to the original Hole on the Wall (see photo).

The hint of what is the main attraction of Thermopolis is in the name. It is the site of the (I do not vouch for the authenticity of the claim) "The worlds biggest hot springs". These are set in a park area and there are water parks you can pay to go in and swim and slide away a day or half a day, whatever takes your fancy.

It is here that the gift of the waters pagent is played out. Shoshone indians and townspeople act out the handing over of ownership of this area from the indians to the whites. Its very colourful, more than a shade amateurish and absolutely great fun to watch.

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