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Wyoming Fly Drive Destination
Medicine Bow

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Medicine Bow

We had very high hopes for Medicine Bow. I had found a web site for the Virginian Hotel and we had booked rooms in the 'Modern Bunk House extension'. However, when we got there we were bitterly disappointed. The bunkhouse rooms were filthy and delapitated. If your expectations are not as high as ours were and if you've booked rooms in the main building rather than the delapidated bunk house, you may enjoy your stay here. The main bar and restaurant did look OK. We moved on to the next town.

The town is on the 287 which in former times was the main route across southern Wyoming. Now it is on an unused loop, bypassed by the I80. The town has the air of a ghost town although it is not (there are many real abandoned towns in central Wyoming).

Site Visitor post 19.02.03 Medicine Bow is spelled MEDICINE BOW....not Midicine Bow...just fyi...and if you had asked someone, they might have told you to visit the nearby Dinosaur House, built entirely out of dinosaur bones, excavated from the hills nearby....

Well I've corrected my spelling error - my map of Wyoming does show the town as Midicine Bow which was the spelling I had used on the site, but I assume that the site visitor above is correct so I've changed it. The visitor is also probably correct to point out there is more to Medicine Bow than I suggest. It was late in the day and we were so dissappointed by the rooms we hightailed it out of there to find somewhere else to stay in Casper some 70 odd miles away.

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