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Wyoming Fly Drive Destination
Jackson and Jackson Hole

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Jackson and Jackson Hole

The town of Jackson sits in the valley named Jackson Hole. It is a winter ski resort but we've visited twice in summer and heartily recommend it as a summer destimation. If you've ever seen the film Shane and glanced at the ridiculously spectacular painted backgounds of impossibly jagged snow covered peaks rising straight from the valley floor. Go to Jackson Hole and see them for real !!!!! Shane was filmed here and the mountains are the Grand Tetons. When you first see them it does take a while to convince yourself they are real.

If you are trvelling to/from Yellowstone. stop at Jackson Lake Lodge around halfway between Jackson and Yellowstone. Its worth going in to see what must be some of the biggest windows in existence that perfectly frame the Tetons.

Take the time to go into Grand Teton National Park. believe me you have not seen it all by just driving up the valley.

The town of Jackson itself is very attractive. Boardwalks and shops and restaurants surround the town square where a simulated old west shoot out is regularly held - great fun. Take a trip up the ski lift at the southern end of town for a view of the town. Jackson Hole and the Tetons that has to seen to be believed. This photo shows the view with the Grand Tetons to the top left, the town of Jackson in front and the Jackson Hole valley spreading north in front of you. Have a go at the dry bobsleigh run at Snow King resort and have a meal and sample the brews at the towns own micro brewery.

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