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Cody - wonderful - go there. Cody named after Buffalo Bill Cody is my type of small town America. Its not so small as to be seen in one morning, nor so large that its got no identity. Where to start ......

Lets start with Buffalo Bill. In Cody there is the Buffalo Bill Historic centre. If you at all interested in the history of the west, then you must visit here and allow at least half a day to make a reasonable stab at seeing all there is to see.
The Irma Hotel in the middle of the main street (see photo) was built by Cody for his daughter Irma. Eat the buffet here for excellent food at excellent prices
The Buffalo Bill Dam just outside the west end of town is a nice way to spend and hour or two. Walk along the top of the dam and marvel at the view down the rocky canyon and send some time in the visitor centre.

The main street. The main street is unfeasably wide for a town built before the motor car but clearly laid out this way as witnessed by the old buildings on either side of the road.
Site Visitor post 1.7.02 This was the original layout of many frontier towns in the west. It allowed oxen carts (the Heavy Goods Vehicles of their day) pulled by teams of 18 oxen to swing around and do a 180 degree turn. The width of street this left in many western USA towns is perfect for the motor car. Room for cars parked at both sides of the road, two lanes each way and a central lane for turning.

At the far western end is the Buffalo Bill Centre. The city park is on your right as you look down main street. We spent a couple of hours sitting on the grass with many of the townsfolk listening to live music from local wranglers. Dont know the event but it was very good. Towards the centre of main street there are many shops and places to eat. Both times we've stayed in Cody a walk down one side and back up the other browsing the shops was a big part of the pleasure. At the extreme east end of the street is another area called I think the old towm. Its boardwalks and shops and again nice to visit.

Other stuff. Out towards the western end of town are 3 other places I would recommend.
The model village. Which I expected to be really tacky but which was very informative and accompanied by an impressive array of artifacts.
Trail town. Is a collection of original wooden cabins that have been taken down, transported here and rebuilt into a good idea of what an original town in the old west would have looked like.
The Cody Night Rodeo grounds. If you haven't seen a rodeo go see this one. The awesome power of the bulls used for bull riding has to be seen for real to be believed.

The position. Only a short drive from the East entrance to Yellowstone. And thats another story......

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