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This is probably very unfair to Cheyenne, but we found it very disappointing. I'm not sure what we expected, but with a name like Cheyenne we certainly had visions of something much more 'western' as in cowboy movies.

As it is Cheyenne is a fair sized town/city much like many others we have visited, but in the two nights one day we stayed there we saw all we wanted to.

Site Visitor post 30.4.02 Your information about Cheyanne was sad. I have been there twice in the last year. The first time was over spring break with some friends and we enjoyed the history found there, then we went back during the summer for Frontier Days which was such a wonderful experience we are planning the trip again this summer. If you do plan on going to Cheyanne maybe go during Frontier Days if you want Cowboy and Western stuff it is all there then!!!

Like I said, maybe we were being a little unfair to Cheyenne !

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