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Whidbey Island

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View of Deception Point If you follow highway 20 west from the North Cacades National Park it will lead you to Whidbey Island. This is the longest Island in the United states and at its northeastern tip is connected to the mainland by the bridge pictured here, Deception Pass Bridge. The pass is called deception pass because the early explorers of the region initially thought that Whidbey Island was in fact a promontory. When the small chasm separating the Island from the mainland was eventually discovered Captain George Vanvouver named it deception pass in 1792.

View of main street in Coopeville

Oak Harbor is in the north of the Island and is its largest town and the home of a large navel base. Ten minutes south on sheltered Penn Cove is the oldest town on the Island Coopeville pictured here.

There are shops, retaurants, old (by American Standards) Victorian buildings and a Museum at the end of the mainstreet.

View of Coopeville marina

Out on the marina in the building pictured here is a complete whale skeleton

Walking around the outside of the deck looking into the waters below there were thousands of large yellow star fish. I dont know if they are always there or if it was seasonal (we visited in August).

From Keystone on the west of the Island halfway down you can catch a ferry across to Port Townsend on the Olympic peninsula. From Clinton in the south east you can catch a Ferry as we did to Mukilteo (near Everret) on the mainland.

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