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View of main street in Roslyn

We visited Roslyn because we used to love the TV show Northern Exposure. The show was set in the fictitional Cicely Alaska but actually filmed in Roslyn Washington. If you did not ever see this show then its probably not worth your time, nice little town though it is. If you did see the show then get here, its great fun.

This is a view of the town and you can see the mural of the Roslyn Cafe in the distance seen in the opening sequence of the show. The various buildings used in the show are all there - the Brick pub, the radio station and Ruth Annes store. Its a little sad to report that when the memory of the show completely fades then so too will the town of Roslyn in all probability.

One bizzare piece of travel trivia for you. As you take the road from the I82 to Roslyn, in the middle of nowhere you come across a roundabout. Its the only one I have ever seen in my USA travels. Why on earth its there I cannot say. It clearly is confusing for the locals as instruction signs abound describing how to traverse it.

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