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Mt St Helens

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View of Mt St Helens

I was looking forwards to visiting Mt St Helens as I remembered well the eruption in 1980. However, I am pleased to say it easily exceded my expectations and I would not hesitate to recommend a vist to anybody.

Visitor center name plate

If you are going to go, take the time out and drive all of the way up to the Johnston Ridge Visitor Center. Its a long one way drive of around 50 miles from the I5 and it will take you around 1 hour 20 minutes each way. However, its well worth it. The visitor center is excellent and the film show is a must see with a stunning climax that I will not give away here. See it for yourself.

View of trees laid flat by the blast

In 1980 when the volcano erupted, the pyroclastic flow devastated the whole region for miles and miles. It blasted the forest of trees absolutely flat. This is a long shot of a hillside over 10 miles away from the crater and you can see how the blast flowed over the hillside laying waste to the forest 24 years ago !

A 3 foot wide tree trunk ripped off by the blast

This is a close up of a tree stump approx three feet across which was snapped like a matchstick by the blast. Mother nature is more powerful than we can properly imagine

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