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View of main street in Leavenworth

Leavenworth is a remarkable town. It was facing disaster in the 1960's as the logging industry it depended on died away and the railwayline that originally caused it to be founded was re-routed. Many towns would have and have had no future in the face of such changes.

Not the people of Leavenworth however. Some inspired souls convinced the town that salvation lay in regeneration as a Bavarian town. The city passed ordinances compelling all new building to be done in Bavarian style and enterprising townsfolk rebuilt their properties to suit.

It has become a piece of Bavaria transplanted into rural Washington State and it is very successful at attracting tourists all year round to sample central european living. There are retaurants and shops all Bavarian themed (authentically apparently - I have been to Germany and apart from the language it did feel the same). I mention the language as an aside there, many establishments proudly proclaim that German is spoken there.

Vist this town if you get to this part of the world. Some bits may be a little tacky but thats the same the world over. Admire how this town created a new identity to keep itself alive.

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