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Boeing Factory

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Boeing Factory visitor centre

There are lots of natural wonders in this corner of the USA, but there is also a manmade wonder - the Boeing assembly buildings in Everett.

To go on a guided tour you must purchase a ticket as the numbers allowed to tour each day are limited. The tickets can be pre-purchased over the phone at a premium or purchased on the day of the tour in person at the tour centre pictured here. Unless you arrive early to buy your tickets on the day, you risk missing out on the tour if all the tickets are gone. I purchased our tickets at 08.30 for the tour just after lunch. When we returned for the tour, there were no tickets left for sale and people were being turned away

Completed planes under test on the slipway You are not allowed to take cameras or videos on the tour for reasons of commercial secrecy and so I cannot show you any of the inside of the assembly building which is claimed to be the worlds biggest single enclosed space.

Its hard to grasp just how big the place is until the guide rattled off a series of statistics demonstrating how large the building is, like you could fit 911 basket ball courts in it or 75 NFL football fields. These sounded big but did not really hit me. He then said that you could fit the whole of DisneyLand (Anehiem Los Angeles) into the building and still have some room left for a car park...... Wow !!!!!!! I've spent many hours trudging round DisneyLand in the three times we've been over the years and this really brought it home to me how large this building is.

The tour finishes with a bus ride around the testing area for finished planes as shown in the picture above.

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