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Washington map

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Washington state is the Pacific north western state bordered by Canada to the north, Idaho to the east and Oregon to the south. Washington state is around 1.4 times the size of England and only has a population of around 6 million.

The state is split into a number of geographically distinct zones. In the extreme north west scattered about the Puget sound are the San Juan Islands.

Coming south from there the Olympic peninsula to the west is home to Olympic National Park. With the weather sweeping in from the Pacific this area receives as much as 200 inches of snow and rain a year creating one of the few temperate rain forests in the world. Seattle sits sheltered to the east of these peaks.

To the east of Seattle cutting the state in two from north to south are the Cascade mountains. These are punctured by volcanoes showing their relative geological youthfulness.

The east of the State sits in the rain shadow of the casades and is dry and sunny given over to agricuture.

Finally at the exteme south of the State the mighty Columbia River cuts through the cascades to form the Columbia River Gorge and the border between Washington and Oregon.

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Boeing Factory | Leavenworth | Mount Rainier | Mt St Helens | North Cacades National Park | Roslyn | Seattle | Whidbey Island | Winthrop |

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Olympic National Park Whidbey Island North Cacades National Park Columbia River Gorge Seattle Mount Rainier National Park Mount Saint Helens Roslyn (Northern Exposure) Leavenworth Winthrop Boeing Factory (Everett) Portland Oregon