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Zion National Park

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Zion National Park

Valley of Zion National Park Utah Zion is on my list of places I must visit again. We did not give enough time in our first visit to see enough of this wonderful place. The main part of the park is a deep red rock canyon with a road going along its base. The picture to the right (courtesy Col Atkins) is looking down into the main canyon. You can see the road running along the base of the canyon clearly in the picture. This picture was taken from Angels Landing trail, one of several spectacular hikes from the valley floor.

We drove up and back along this road getting glimpses of the spectacular rock formations but did not have time to stop and get out. It is no longer possible to drive yourself along this road as we did. You now have to park and take a shuttle bus. This is no hassle as the buses are very 15 mins or so, the driver gives an informative commentary and the bus stops in several places along the way.

Driving out of the eastern side of the park the road goes through some spectacular tunnels in the canyon wall with large ventilation holes cut in the rock giving spectacular vistas as you drive along. Going out of the park to the east over the top of the high canyon sides you see trees growing out of solid rock. This really has to be seen to be believed.

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