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Monument Valley

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Monument Valley

An absolutely inspiring place. Right on the border between Arizona and Utah. You must go see it. When you do, you will be amazed at how familiar it is to you as it has been the backdrop for countless films from John Waynes The Searchers to Back to the Future 3.

The place to stay is the historic Gouldings Lodge and trading post. From there you can see the Mittens (the two most famous of the formations). Beware if you are a beer monster like me, you cant get a drink here as its within the Indian Reservation (take some with you for in your room)

Many of the organised tours will have you staying in nearby Keyenta (23 miles) avoid staying there if possible its a dusty none descript town and will not give you the atmosphere of Gouldings.

While you're there take a drive to the visitor centre owned and run by the Navajo Indians. Take one of the open jeep tours to get down into the valley proper, you'll love it.

Click on photo to see full size picture courtesy of John Cletheroe

Site visitor post 06.07.03
If you are visiting Monument Valley and plan on stopping on the Indian reservation, remember alcohol cannot be bought or served in restaurants. However, we found the friendliness and service more than compensated (we were offered alcohol free wine & beers).
Janet White

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