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Dinosaur National Monument

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Dinosaur National Monument

The Dinosaur National Monument is well worth a visit. You can see many of the fossils still in situ in the old river bed from which many famous specimens have been excavated.

This picture inside the main exhibit area shows the 145 million year old fossilised river bed tilted steeply through geological processes. You cant see it in this picture very well, but the rock surface is still littered with fossilised bones. In the extreme bottom right of this phot you can see where you can approach up to the rock and touch a few of the fossilised bones.

The park itself spans the border between Colorado and Utah and there is an entrance into the park in both states. However, it is the Utah entrance just near Vernal that allows access to the exhibit described above. The Colorado entrance is just past the town of Dinosaur Colorado. However, this entrance only gives access to the back country and not to the main exhibit.

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