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Utah Fly Drive Destination
Arches National Park

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Arches is so close to Canyonlands, that it is a real shock that the scenery is so different. In this picture you can see fins of sandstone formed when the beds have been turned through 90 degrees and then eroded. There is a walk through the fins in this picture that takes you to an arch over an amazing pink sand dune. Its like another world once you are between these fins and its only a half mile walk or so from the parking area to get there.

The opening sequence of Indiana Jones and the last crusade was filmed here. If you've seen the films, you'll recognise the scenery. Take some time out to have a walk around rather than just look at it through the car window.

This is balanced rock. Go see it before it falls down. Again this is only a very short walk from the road and you should get out of the car and see it up close. It really defies belief that it stands up.

Site visitor post 14.6.01 If you visit this part of the world, please take care not to destroy it. In the desert areas there is a living mat of bacteria that bind the top of the sand together and stop it being eroded. You will destroy this delicate protective blanket by walking on it so please stay on the marked footpaths if you want to leave something for your children to enjoy.

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