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South Dakota Fly Drive Destination
Custer & Custer State Park

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Custer & Custer State Park

Custer, yet another one of our favourite type of small towns. The Black Hills are just crammed full of them. As you might guess, the name of the town is from General Custer of 'Custers last stand' fame.

Custer is very handy for visiting Crazy Horse mountain just north of the city and we enjoyed the national museum of wood carving just to the west. Like most of these small towns we enjoy whiling away a couple of hours wandering up one side of main street and back down the other.

From Just east of Custer you can take one of the most scenic drives in the Black Hills, the needles highway which leads to just below Hill City . This picture is where the road cuts through the granite needles, you can see this picture through the windscreen of the van we were driving and its fairly clear how narrow the road is. We saw a large RV scraping its sides in there, so be warned if you have a wide vehicle.

Custer State Park to the east and south of the town of Custer is worthy of a ride through. There is a massive heard of buffalo as well as many other types of wildlife and scenery.

Visitor post 31.7.01 There are wild burros living in Custer State park, descendants of working burros of long ago. Bring some bread or carrots or something to feed these hungry guys.

You can take a jeep tour if you don't want to drive over the roads. The drivers aim to find you the buffalo whereever they are and they spot other anumals for you. Many people drive their own cars but some roads are very rough. The jeep drivers talk to each other on walkie talkies to learn where the buffalo are.

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