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West Nevada

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This barely qualifies as a route, I include it mainly for completeness and to show how a varied holiday can be built up by hopping around the country between routes. This was a short section following a tour around the South West & Four Corners which itself had been preceded by a visit to Niagara Falls. We followed this small route by a flight to Los Angeles and a few days in disneyland.

Day 1 Flew into Reno

Day 2 Stayed in Reno

Day 3 Drove the 60 miles to Lake Tahoe the drive along the lakeside offers breathtaking views.

Day 4 Stayed in Lake Tahoe

Day 5 Drove to Reno via Virginia City a drive of 70 miles through ghost towns and past abandoned ghost mines.

Day 6 Flew on to Los Angeles from Reno

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