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The Sierra Nevadas

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Our very first fly drive holiday to America consisted of the route on this page followed by a flight to Las Vegas and a stay for three days followed by a flight to Tucson and then a route through Arizona and the Grand Canyon Making just 3 weeks in total. When we planned this holiday, we had no conception that we would go back again so many times. A consequence of this is that the whole holiday was crammed full because we tried to fit everything in we wanted to do. That makes the two routes referred to very good if you think your trip is a once in a lifetime event. However, if you think you will go again, I would recommend that you take more time and see fewer places but in more depth.

Day 1 Flew to San Francisco and stayed a couple of nights

Day 2 San Francisco.

Day 3 Drove to (South) Lake Tahoe . We took the slightly longer route north out of the city rather than head east so that we could drive over the Golden Gate bridge. We crossed the Sierras over the infamous Donner Pass. In all a 250 mile day.

Day 4 Drove to Mariposa via Yosemite National Park. A 230 mile day and a magnificent drive through the high Sierra mountains.

Day 5 Drove to Three Rivers via Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks. 160 miles driving in the day. The memory of those magnificent trees still lingers on.

Day 6 Drove to Los Angeles to fly on to Las Vegas . A 220 mile drive.

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This route as it stands is good to combine with another route as we did. However, it can easily be extended to fit a two week holiday by for example seeing the Napa Valley before Lake Tahoe, spending extra days at Tahoe, Yosemite and Sequoia, seeing Disneyland in LA and driving back up the coast road and the fabled Pacific Highway route 1 through Big Sur to San Fran.

If you have any information of interest not covered here or can correct some information posted here. Please e-mail me

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