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Oregon Caves

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Oregon Caves

Oregon Caves National Monument is about 20 miles south east of Cave Junction but its a long 20 miles ! The first half of the journey is a reasonable country road but the last half is a tortuous uphill extremly winding road. Allow at least an hour in your plans to get there from Cave Junction (note RVs and trailers longer than 30 feet are not recommended).

You have to be reasonably physically fit to enter the caves on one of the guided tours. Children have to be either over 6 years old or over 42 inches tall to be allowed in and may be asked to climb a set of test stairs outside the cave unassisted. The temperature is a cool 42 degrees F all year round so take warm clothes even on the hottest of summer days.

Its a 90 minute walking and climbing tour and is rated strenuous with over 500 steps (up and down) as you traverse the caves generally upwards exiting 220 feet above the entrance. Thats all the obstacles listed and if any of that puts you off, then you are in better off not taking such a significant de-tour.

For those not put off by the above a treat is in store. The cave is a active marble cave with a myriad of rock formations still being built by slow patient geological processes. The caves were restored to as near a pristine state as possible in 1985 by the National Parks service.
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