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Oregon Fly Drive Destination
Columbia River Gorge

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View of Columbia Gorge The Columbia river empties much of the west of the Rocky Mountains of Washington and Idaho into the Pacific Ocean. To get to the ocean it has to cut through the cascade mountain range and it forms the Columbia River Gorge where it cuts through.

On the Washington state side ( the other side of the river in this view) the hills down to the Columbia River are shallow, but on the Oregon side of the gorge there are steep drops and waterfalls

On the Oregon side there are numerous waterfalls to see. The most famous and most impressive are the Multnomah Falls

Click on this thumbnail to view a large panoramic view of the Multnomah falls

The gorge has a number of spectacular vistas. This view is from vista point. Click on the image to see a full size panoramic view.

View of Columbia Gorge

This last view is from Mitchell point overlook. It is more of historical interest as it draws attention to tunnels which no longer exist/

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