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Lake Tahoe

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South Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is visually stunning. The drive around the lake is recommended as is one of the boat trips across it. This picture shows one of the boats that cruise across to Emerald Bay on the California side of the Lake. Deep blue waters surrounded by wooded mountains. We've only visited in summer when it is gorgeous, but it is also a winter resort area and from the photographs I've seen looks equally spectacular in the winter months.

A real oddity of the town of South Lake Tahoe on the southern end of the lake (surprising locating for a town with that name !!!!) is that half of the town is in California and half in Nevada. The state line splits the lake and indeed there is a road called stateline that splits the town. On the California side of the border there are motels a-plenty and immediately over the Nevada side there are giant Casino Resorts. Every night there are floods of people walking from where they are staying in California to where they are gambling in Nevada. As a temptation to get you inside, the casinos offer exceptionally good value buffet "all you can eat meals".

Up around 2/3 of the way along the eastern shore is the location where they filmed Bonanza. Remember the burning map on the introduction ? it showed Lake Tahoe in its centre. This picture to the left shows the map which is generally correct in showing where the towns are but in reality north is to the left and south to the right.

Its a fun half a day out to visit and see around the small towm set, the Cartwrights ranch house and the simulated gun fight (picture right).

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