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St Petersburg

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St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is on a spit of land towards the Gulf of Mexico with Tampa Bay inbetween it and the mainland of Florida. We had a week in a villa there at the edge of the intercoastal waterway and thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Its a very pleasant laid back holiday area with all the shops and eating places and beaches you could hope or expect to find.

This is a view from the board walk at Johns pass where there are shops, restaurants, bars and boat hire. This shows the pelicans with the coastal road going over the bridge in the background separating the intercoastal waterway to the left from the Gulf of Mexico beyond.

We hired a boat for the day - highly recommended good fun, especially if you are lucky enough to get dolphins following you. But be warned in some areas there are speed limits and we saw these being actively enforced by the Police in boats.

As you can see in this picture, many of the villas in this area back onto water and have their own small dock. This makes it particularly easy to hire a boat.

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