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Disneyworld Orlando

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Visiting Disneyworld has been the primary reason for every trip we've made to Florida. I am not going to attempt to get the details I know down on this page, but will happily have a go at answering virtually any question about the area. There are millions of websites with general descriptions on them. However, unless they happen to have exactly the information you are seeking, you are probably better off asking somebody who's 'been there and done that' if you have a specific information requirement. So start by asking me !

We have stayed in a Villa in Kissemee and in the following Disney Hotels, Wilderness Lodge, the Contemporary, All Star Movies x 2. Questions about any of these ? ask away.

I can provide tips and information about all the parks and the rides and about getting around the area.

E-mail me with any questions

If you know something different or additional to the information posted here, please follow this link and send in your information using the data entry form.
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