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Some general Florida information

Florida map

Florida is the state that the vast majority of UK visitors will go to. There is an aweful lot to see and do in this sunshine state, as can be seen from the ultimate Florida flydrive in the links on this page. However, if you have been to Florida, dont think you now know all that America has to offer. Take some time to explore some of the other states and places described on this web site. Maybe it will give you an urge to go off the beaten track a little more. So by all means enjoy the many things Florida uniquely has to offer, but dont forget the rest of this remarkable country.

Florida has 15 million inhabitants in a land area around the same size as England (which has 50 million). It is almost surrounded by sea. To the east (the atlantic) and in the west (the gulf of mexico). To the north it has land links to Georgia and Alabama.

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Florida cities, towns and attraction information

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Disneyworld | Kennedy Space centre | St. Petersburg | Ultimate Florida fly drive. Try the Florida leg of our associated travel groups fantasy fly drive.

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