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We've never really seen Denver although we have flown in, stayed overnight and then driven out twice using Denver as the start and finish point of circular flydrive routes. We've also used Denver International Airport as a hub to catch smaller local flights (to Wyoming and to Southern Colorado).

If you're not planning to see Denver itself, I would recommend doing what we did which is to drive from the airport to just outside the city and stay overnight in a Motel next to whichever of the main interstate highways you intend to travel on. In this way, you avoid the city traffic in the morning when you set off.

Denver International Airport is massive and the most pleasant of all the major city airports I have visited in the USA. United Airlines have Denver as their hub so if you fly trans-atlantic with them, you will be able to get a connecting flight from Denver to anywhere in the west at a good rate.

Visitor post 12.5.01 Denver is a great city with a lot of history. I recommend stopping and seeing the old down town historical district which includes The Molly Brown house ( yes that's the UNSINKABLE Molly Brown from the Titanic)...and much much more! Tour the US Mint and the Museum of Natural History with a great collection of items including Dinosaur exhibits, prehistory etc. You can also take tours of The COORS brewery in Golden Co just outside of Denver.

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