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Some general Colroado information

Colorado map

Colorado is a landlocked state bordered by Utah to the west, Wyoming to the north, Nebraska to the north east, Kansas to the east, Oklahoma and New Mexico to the south and at one point Arizona (see Four Corners).

Colorado has about twice the land area of England with only 4 million inhabitants (England has 50 million). It is a state of two distinct halves. The easterm half is part of the great plains of central USA and in the west, the Rocky Mountains rise abruptly from the plain. You can clearly see this divide on the map to the right. The mountains are wonderful in summer and spectacular in winter with many famous winter sports areas.

Colorado is the source of the Colorado river which carved the Grand Canyon. The name Colorado from the Spanish for 'coloured red' which is the hue of the water as it carries the abraded red rocks of Arizona further down stream.

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Colroado cities, towns and attraction information

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Cortez and Mesa Verde | Denver | Durango | Four Corners | Estes Park | Grand Junction | Grand Lake | Leadville | Ouray | Rocky Mountain National Park | Silverton | Ultimate Colorado fly drive. The Colorado leg of our associated travel clubs fantasy fly drive. |

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Dinosaur and Dinosaur National Monument Grand Lake Estes Park Rocky Mountain National Park Denver Glenwood Springs Leadville Grand Junction Black Canyon of the Gunnison Ouray Silverton Durango Mesa Verde National Park and Cortez  Four Corners Colorado Springs Canon City and the Royal Gorge Great Sand Dunes National Monument