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California Fly Drive Destination
Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks

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Sequoia and Kings Canyon

Giant Redwood Tree A wonderful experience and really quite humbling to be in the presence of such majestic and ancient living things. My abiding memory is of a peaceful and tranquil spot. Everybody seems to be effected the same way and most people speak in hushed whispers which adds to the allure of the place. It feels more like you are in a Cathedral than on a mountainside. The pictures here can only give you a slight impression of this amazing location. The trees are so big its impossible to get far enough away to get a complete one in a photograph. This shot to the right is not one of the biggest but you can see a person on the extreme left and an RV in the distance which gives you some idea of the majesty of these trees.

If you get to this part of the world spare at least 2-4 hours to stop and walk around some of these incredible old and massive living things. Some of the highlights are :-

Just walking around gazing upwards. Even the lesser trees are awesome and the atmosphere is wonderful.

A fallen down tree with a hollowed out trunk and a path running through the length of it. Years ago it was used as a bar ! Walking through it really does give you a sense of just how big the living ones all around you are.

A polished cross section of a trunk showing all the rings. On it key moments in history are linked to the ring of the relevant year. It really gives you a sense of how long these trees live.

Tunnel Log A fallen down tree with an archway carved in it (Tunnel Log) that the road runs through. Its amazing just to drive through. Again seeing the minivan in the same shot as the tree helps to set the scale

And last but the best, the General Sherman tree, said to be the worlds biggest living thing. Walk around it and wonder how much the world has changed in its lifetime. It is estimated to be around 2,500 years old !

For a nearby place to stay, check Three Rivers.

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