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Disneyland is the original theme park Walt Disney built in Anahiem which is now effectively a part of Los Angeles. I'm not going to try to compete with the other billion web sites about Disney. However, we have been three times and I can probably answer practical questions you may have.

We have now (2002) seen the new park (Californian Adventure) that has been built so I can answer questions about that. On our previous visit it was just emerging from the car park on which it is built (dont let the word car park make you think this is small, you could scarcely believe how big the car park was!). The addition of the new theme park, Hotel and Downtown Disney area make this much more of a resort to stay at for a while.

Each time we stayed we stayed in the Disneyland Hotel and had concierge service. Expensive, but worth it for the 'Millionaire' feel it gives to your stay. However, this last time we stayed during the peak week for American visitors (last week in August) and it was crowded in the lounge which took the edge off of the experience a little.

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