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Some general California information

California is on the west (Pacific) coast of the USA bordered by Mexico to the south and Oregon to the north with Nevada to the east and Arizona at the south east. California has about 3.2 times the land area of England with 33 million inhabitants (England has 50 million).

California map The range of things available in California is immense from the three big coastal cities of San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco to the unspoilt wilderness of the north with the Sierra Nevada mountains and the majesty of Yosemite to the east. In the winter it is possible to sunbathe in the morning in Palm springs, jump in the car and ski in the afternoon in the Sierra Nevadas.

Looking at the map to the right you can see the main geographical features that shape the state. To the north Volcanic activity has shaped the mountains. The broad flat inner part of the state is bounded to the west by the coastal range mountains that create the spectacular coastline of California where they meet the Pacific. In the east the Sierra Nevada range is the setting for Lake Tahoe, Yosemite and Kings Canyon/Sequoia, some of the most dramatic places to see in the USA. At the bottom of the Sierras is the Mojave Desert completing the awesome variety California offers.

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Driving times and distances for California places

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California cities, towns and attraction information

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Burney | Disneyland | Fort Bragg and Mendocino | Lake Tahoe | Lassen Volcanic National Park | Los Angeles | Mariposa | Redwood National Park | San Francisco | Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks | Three Rivers | Willits | Yosemite National Park | Ultimate California fly drive. Try the California leg of our associated travel groups fantasy fly drive. |

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