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Tucson is an super place to stay. We've stayed there on three separate holidays. An excellent feature of Tucson is that like Phoenix, it is a winter resort area where the rich and famous come during the cold winter months from the north of the states to sun themselves in the Sonoran desert. The consequence of this is that Tucson is surrounded by luxurious resort hotels which drop their prices in our summer holiday months. You can stay in some of these places during August for half the price it would cost you in January.

We have stayed at a luxury Ranch just outside the east of Tucson (Tanque Verde). Horse riding through the desert between the giant suguaro cactuses - do it.
We have also stayed in a resort hotel to the north of the city (Loes Ventana) - brilliant.

Train pulling into Tucson

We have also stayed in the centre of the city (Holiday Inn) - not so good, but handy for the train station. This picture shows our train rumbling into Tucson about to whisk us off to Orlando 3 days later. A piece of web site trivia is that my search to find out where the train station was for this trip directly led to me setting this site up. I needed to ask someone who had been there and done it !

There is a lot to see in the area. We have not seen it all e.g. Biosphere 2 and Lovell Observatory. But we have seen Tombstone (easily done in a day), the Old Tucson film studios where the High Chapperal and innumerable westerns were filmed and the Pima air and space museum to name but three excellent attractions. If you are thinking of going to Tucson, stop thinking and start planning.

Site visitor post 12.5.01 We have alot of history here......and Tucson is known as The Old Pueblo with traces of history from Cortez and beyond. The countrys oldest church is also in tucson, and is called The Dove of The Desert....magnificent! Enjoy!

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