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Phoenix and Scottsdale

Phoenix like Tucson is a city surrounded by desert. There is an unreal quality about driving into the outskirts of Phoenix and seeing impossibly bright green fairways sitting surrounded by arid cactus filled desert as you drive past one of the many golf courses around the city.

Again like Tucson, Phoenix is a city where the idle rich from the north east take winter breaks in the desert sun. There are many luxury resorts where it is cheaper to stay in the height of summer than it is in the winter.

Scottsdale, joined onto the east of Phoenix is the home to many of these resorts. Old Scottsdale is well worth a visit if you are into shops and in particular shops selling western clothing. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Scottsdale and would heartily recommend it for a relaxing few days.

Site visitor post 12.5.01 Did you know that Phoenix and Tucson have longer and more varied histories than any other cities in America? We have ruins from the ancient HoHokams, the Anasazi's and more. What is so wonderful is that there are ancient canals that were built by these Ancient peoples that we still use today. Without today's technology, the original canals are only a degree or two off from measurements and recommendations from todays architects and computers. I recommend visiting the Pueblo Grande Museum...which is a whole ancient village and canal system in downtown Phoenix. There is also the Deer Valley Rock Art museum in North West Phoenix wiht over 1500 petrolgyphs made by ancient man. A short drive North on I-17 will take you to Montezuma's Castle...similar to Mesa Verde, but smaller and very beautiful, and very peaceful. More & more ancient sites are being found as Phoenix and Tucson continue to grow. Unfortunately, the desert suffers. However, there is a new national Park being formed to the west of Phoenix which will preserve the desert and will become one of the largest preserves on record. Phoenix is also the home to the world's largest metropolitan park, South Mtn Park, with over 100,000 acres ( I am guessing on the acres, but I know it is the largest). The Heard Museum is not to be missed as well as the Arizona Science center for children.

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