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Page and Lake Powell

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Page and Lake Powell

Page is on the Arizona side (just) of the Utah/Arizona border. To go see Lake Powell you should cross into Utah and go to Wahweep Marina (for more details see the Utah section). Its rather strange as the two states of UTAH and ARIZONA although both on mountain time, were an hour different when we went (September) and so you drive for 5 minutes and go back or forwards in time by an hour. Check this out carefully if you book a boat trip or boat hire at the Marina. You could easily miss it by an hour !

You get to the Marina by driving over Glen Canyon Dam which dams the grand canyon at this point forming Lake Powell above it. If you visit in the spring you will see the spectacular sight of huge amounts of water being released to simulate spring floods in the Grand Canyon below.

Page itself did not strike us as a memorable place and the Marina is a nicer place to stay. However, there is more choice of places to stay in Page and you can therefore get a better price for your room.

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Tip, when driving from the Grand Canyon to Page and then onto Kanab, make sure that you you have PLENTY of fuel, from Page to Kanab there are NO petrol stations and it is about 100 miles, so be careful, we nearly weren't! The area is virtually uninhabited! And we passed saw 2 vehicles in 3 hrs. Scary!
Sam Shields

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