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Meteor Crater

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Meteor Crater

Meteor Crater

Visiting Meteor crater was for me the fulfilment of a childhood dream. Ever since I had seen a picture of it as a child I had wanted to go.

The place itself did not let my dream down. Until you stand on the edge and drink in the view you cannot comprehend the violence of an impact that would blast such a massive hole into the face of the earth. The visitor centre is very informative.

This picture shows only a portion of the crater. However if you look at the people to the bottom right and on the viewing platform bottom centre, you can get a feel for what an enormous hole in the ground this is and what unimaginable energy was released when the meteor struck.

Site visitor post
I have been to the bottom of Metoer Crater. The Crater was a little deceiving, it definitly looked like the biggest hole I had ever seen. BUT.. when we maneuvered down, it was real fun, until it was taking a little longer than expected. The going down was a little work ha ha ha. But once on the bottom, it took a little longer actually a lot longer to get to the center of the crater than we thought, even though I was only 19 years of age at the time, and in great shape(so I thought)it was a litle work to get to the middle. Then u look up, and u really see how far down it is, it is deep. Also I never gave it much thought at the time, of rattlesnakes, I am from Massachusetts and we dont have rattlesnakes or scorpions etc. but looking back there wasnt any kind of living creature in there. I am not saying there isnt any, but none then.1967.

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