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Some general Arizona information

Arizona map

Arizona is a landlocked state bordered by Mexico to the south and Nevada, California, Utah, New Mexico and at one point Colorado (see Four Corners).

Arizona has about 2.3 times the land area of England with only 4.7 million inhabitants (England has 50 million). Whilst famed for the Grand Canyon and the Sonoran desert, in the winter, the mountains around Flagstaff are skiing resorts.

In contrast, around Phoenix and Tucson the desert climate makes it a winter resort for people from the cold northern states to have some winter sun.

These climate differences are explained by the geography of the state. Looking to the map on the right, you can see the higher elevation of the north western portion of the state and the lower elevation of the south eastern portion. Phoenix and Tucson are situated in the lower level southern portion of the state and the ski resorts are in the mountainous areas showing slightly white in the picture.

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Arizona cities, towns and attraction information

Arizona has of course one of the natural wonders of the world in the Grand Canyon. However, there is a lot more to Arizona than just the Grand Canyon. This section connects you to information about many of the other places to see and go to in Arizona. Many of these entries also have pictures.

Learn more about individual Arizona destinations by choosing from the list of links below or by going to the interactive state map.

Flagstaff and Williams | Four Corners | Globe | Grand Canyon | Holbrook and Winslow | Lake Havasu City (London Bridge) | Meteor Crater | Monument Valley | Painted Desert and Petrified Forest | Page and Lake Powell | Phoenix and Scottsdale | Tucson | Willcox | Ultimate Arizona fly drive. Try the Arizona leg of our associated travel clubs fantasy fly drive.

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Las Vegas Lake Havasu City (London Bridge) Page Lake Powell The Grand Canyon Monument Valley Four Corners Flagstaff and Williams Meteor Crater Holbrook and Winslow Painted Desert and Petrified Forest Phoenix and Scottsdale Globe Tucson Willcox