Where to start ?.....

This website was written to share the information I had gleaned from years of planning and going on my own fly drive holidays to the USA. When I wrote my tips page (select 'Planning' from the menu on the left hand side) I included what I felt were the key learnings from my own experiences. What I did not include were those little pieces of information I had gleaned over the years, especially about the differences between America and the UK.

From the e-mails I receive from people planning their first trip, I have come to realise that there is a whole swathe of 'fact-lets' that I know but didn't realise that others did not. Having now recognised this, I have scoured my memory banks and those of other USA travellers and have produced this index into these little snippets of information. This will grow as website visitors add their own findings. So if you've been surpised when you travelled to America, drop me an e-mail about it so that other travellers can be told.

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